#2: Snowboard

I don’t know why I have been so scared to try snowboarding. I’ve had many opportunities over the last 10 years to try it. Some with Church, some with friends, and some with boyfriends. I suppose the main reason would be fear of the unknown. After that I would say it was an aversion from doing something that would make me look like a complete ass. And after that, probably the fear of asking someone for help for something that I was terrible at.

BUT, since I’ve started my new year with a list of NEW things to try (and some I haven’t done in awhile…. and some I just want to make sure I make time for) I suppose I chose one of the hardest on the list to start off. The snow is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING!!! Spectacular. I should have put on my list throw a snowball and make a snow angel, because those are things I have never done and always wanted to, AND did do that weekend also!

Making a snow angel was honestly more than I thought it could be! I know it sounds silly, because it is such a silly act, but it was truly….. fun and childlike. Innocent. Something I can see why little kids throw themselves in the freezing snow and do it. Something I’m sad I don’t have as a childhood memory. At least I get a very cool adult memory though! Sitting in a bar, in Tahoe, with some amazing people, watching my Chargers lose in the Playoffs, having our bartender, Chedder, give me her snow clothes during a light blizzard and running out there and making a friggin snow angel! I mean, it sounds pretty lame typing it, but I can tell you it makes me smile and feel warm inside remembering the experience.

Snowboarding was a different memory….. Equally as awesome, but definitely more painful and less, child-like fun. I knew going into it that I would be on my ass alot, but I didn’t know how actually HARD it was! Painful on my body, taxing of my strength. I only did 1 run down the snow, ONE, and I was exhausted!!! But it was so much FUN!!!! Randon helped me learn, and there was a few times where I was actually UP and snowboarding! Like for realsies! It was amazing 😀 The last time I was up was for about 10 seconds (which is actually a long time) and I had my fists in the air pumping “YES!!!!!! I’m doing it!” then I was saying “concentrate…. don’t freak out… DON’T FREAK OUT” and then I tumbled, and my board flipped over my head, and I had the coolest fall of my life, and laid there *pumped* almost as much about my fall as my ride! It was dope. I seriously can’t wait to do it again, and plan on going at least once more pretty soon.

So far my try new things is paying off…. found a sport that I like, made some new friends, and fulfilled some childhood dreams. That’s what this experience is supposed to be about. Fulfillment & growth.

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