The Postal Service

“Give Up”

This album reminds me of a cold December night, at home, alone, depressed, with a glass of wine and the smell of pine in the air. It makes me feel cozy, alone, and sad all at once. Especially the opening track “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”, which is about being lonely and out of place in a foreign city, makes me feel like if I were to leave this place, how alone I would feel. I love the line, “well I was the one worth leaving”. Makes me feel like I do right after a breakup. Just shitty. But I love this album. I’m usually in love with the summer time, but right now I just want it to be winter. I want to put on some cozy slippers, sweats, and a big sweater, cuddled under a soft blanket in the dark surrounded by lit candles sipping on some Cab or Pinot. It makes me miss my puppy, who always cuddled with me under the blanket. It’s the perfect album to fall asleep to when you’re feeling down.

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