Educate yourself

I can’t even watch this trailer all the way through, but I’ve already decided about a year ago now that I am going to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life. And although I’m not a strict vegan, I don’t drink milk and I use soy butter, although the fake cheese is simply terrible. But the documentary “Earthlings” is one of the most eye opening documentaries about the mean industry, and just living with other beings on this planet in general.

I truly don’t understand how people can watch things like this, know it happens, and yet still participate in the activity. It is such the American way to know that something is being treated horribly, yet to not care because “I’m man, I’m American, I eat meat”. It’s so selfish and irresponsible. Everything… destroying the environment, killing animals so terrible, letting homelessness be a rampant problem. It’s sad. Very sad.

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