Tattoo #5

I’m so freaking excited for my next tattoo! Me and Nick are getting ours done on July 30th at Full Circle Tattoo, which is an award winning tattoo shop that is going to be featured in tattoo magazine soon. My last one, the infinity tattoo, was done there by my friend Henry, but this next one is going to be done by Cash. Nick and I are getting the same #13 tattoo, in the same spot, but he is getting his in a skull, and I’m not entirely sure yet what I am getting my #13 with. First I wanted a skull too, but I couldn’t justify the idea of a skull on my body… just not really my thing. Then I decided on a swallow, which I still love that idea, I just don’t know how to work it in with the #13. I liked the idea of a swallow because they are supposed to represent the beach, the land next to water, which is what San Diego is, so no matter where I go in life, I’ll have a piece of SD with me. But now I am thinking that I will get the #13, and then have either flowers and vines, or a tree sort of growing around the 13. I think that flowers, like the popular Japanese blossoms, are really pretty inked. But I also love love love the idea of a Tree tattoo. I’ve seen some pretty amazing ones looking through google, and I thought it would look cool having 13 be sort of the roots or base of the tree. But I don’t want that big of a tattoo in the spot where Nick and I are getting them. The location is lower stomach, on the left side, sort of pelvic region. I am open to ideas, since I am NOT a creative person at all, and I have a very hard time seeing images in my head. That is why most of my tattoos are script. I can see script very easily in my head. So if y’all have any ideas, please send em my way!


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