its a miracle

Whenever I feel sad I just watch the video of my little gummy bear moving around in my belly and I know what I’m doing is such a miracle! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and raise her! I can’t wait to be a family with her and find a man someday who will be a great lover to me and an even better father to her. I just want her to feel the love that I felt from my mother. I want to help her become a strong and confident young woman. And if its a boy I want to teach him how to be a real man, since those are hard to find these days. How to step up and take responsibility and how to treat women right. Be a gentleman, even if its a dying breed. So when he grows up he doesn’t do terrible things to women, and when he loves one he doesn’t run away scared but knows its okay to fall for one woman. I can’t wait to be a mother. 27 weeks to go!


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