Rule #3

Rule #3: Always get A’s

I love talking to my bestie’s boyfriends/husbands. You always get this inside privileged info that I swear Man Council would ex-communicate them for telling. Tonights rendition of give away the secrets of Mars was more or less along the lines of what I’ve been talking about all along: he’s just not that into you. When I’m playing the field and/or dating casually, a list seems to unintentionally occur. And it’s a lot like a grading system. There are A’s, B’s, C’s…. etc. And I didn’t make this up either. I can not remember where I originally heard it from, but it is brilliance none-the-less.

The A’s are the guys you look forward to hearing from. They are the ones you almost always text back right away. You answer their call every time. If they ask you for plans, you make them. 2 weeks in advance. They are the Jolie-Pitts of your dating world, if the Jolie-Pitts invite you to dinner, god damn it, you accept, no questions asked. Like Lacey’s boyfriend Rick said, you’d have to have an almost ridiculously comedically impossible out-of-this-world excuse to say no. Like: “most random thing, a friend won passes to opening night of Twilight 3!!!!!” (nevermind the fact that it’s Twilight 3). BUT he made a good point, in the process of saying no for a VERY good reason, you make concrete rain-check plans, like: “how about we go see Shrek 4 this Friday instead?”. You ALWAYS lock down an A.

The B’s are the guys who you like to hear from, but for some reason or another aren’t currently as interested in as the A’s. However, it’s very easy to move from a B to an A. Sometimes you start as a B, and as the dates progress, you move to an A. Being a B isn’t necessarily something bad, it could be that there’s not enough of a connection yet. A B is the guy you make plans with during the week. The weekend is prime real estate, only the A’s get the weekend. But the B is also the back up plan. 11:00 rolls around and no A, text the B. During the week though is typically the B’s time. I’ll text a B back around 75% of the time. I’m interested, but sometimes you really have nothing important to say, and I don’t really care to continue the all-day text fest that the A’s get. But like I said, the B’s are in a good position. If a B treats you well, and follows through, he can become an easy A. However, if a guy your sort of into keeps blowing YOU off, he quickly moves down to a C.

The C’s are borderline. If you’ve ended up with a C, you’re either barely interesting enough, or you’ve annoyed me, or blown me off one too many times. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve really liked some C’s. But a girl has got to have some pride in herself. There are certainly two distinct C’s, like I said. The most common type IMO is the ones that, like I said, you are really into, but they’re not so into you, and you’ve had enough. You’ve flirted, given your number, and even invited out a few times. Somehow they always turn you down while still managing to keep you on the string. During that time period, they are usually B’s to you. You don’t expect much, but you want to hear from them. But once the pride factor kicks in, a guy will almost always drop to a C. And I think it is because if a guy is doing this to YOU, then most likely you are a C to HIM!

Which brings me to my point: Ladies, we only want to be A’s… maaaaaaaybe a B. But if you’re to a point where you can def tell you’re becoming a C girl… That’s when you change the guy’s name in your phone to “don’t reply” and you tell him he’s blown you off one too many times and 1. you’re better than that, and 2. you don’t have time for that bullshit. And you walk away. Don’t stoop so low that you’re a C girl, or worse. I’m not so old fashioned that I don’t think you can’t hit on a guy or ask him out occasionally. But if his track record is 0-60%, sorry, but you’re a C. And dating is one area where we don’t need to be average. Whoever the guy is, he’s just not that into you, and you need to move on.

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