Rule #4

Rule #4: Don’t Beg

Now we’ve all been there. Especially me. I’ve Definitely been there!! But as I grow up and learn, I also realize there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to ever beg a man to be with you. EVER. ever.

I googled “begging to be with someone” and this was the first thing to pop up:

“My boyfriend and I were together for a year. We were fighting a lot and I kinda knew the breakup was coming. Well it happened and he said, “I just don’t feel the same about you anymore.”

I’m still heartbroken over it. It’s been about 2 weeks, and I’ve begged him to come back and give me another chance but he just won’t. The reason we fought so much was because I was so jealous and clingy and sometimes controlling.

I understand what I was doing wrong, and I wrote him a long letter begging him to come back and I admitted all my wrongdoings, but it still wouldn’t work. And everybody says to act like it doesn’t bother me, act like I’m fine and happy when I’m around him and I do; I act happy and I act like my hyper self, and it kinda seemed to work a little, but I guess not because I saw him with another girl last night and I know he likes her.

Its killing me and I want him back SO badly…what do I do?”

Now just reading this does 2 things to me….1. It makes me sad for myself, since that’s how I used to be. I was pathetic! And 2. It makes me want to slap this girl across the face. I mean c’mon!! A guy is not the end all be all of life. No one should ever stoop this low to be with a man. I mean really?

And why would you want to? No person is so terrible or fat or ugly that there is not another single person on this planet who could possibly want them. So why in God’s (or whoever’s) name would you ever want to be with someone who didn’t want to be with you? I used to think that if someone didn’t want me it was because there was something wrong with *me*. But now I know different. Now I don’t give a fuck why that person doesn’t like me anymore. I’m not meant for every guy. That would be way to many guys in love with me. Not every guy needs to be “that into me”. So if a guy doesn’t call, or breaks up with me, or doesn’t ask me on a second date. Cool. He obviously wasn’t the one for me.

If you have that attitude then when it comes to dating and relationships, there should be NO reason to ever have to beg someone to ask you out again, ask them to take you back, or beg them not to leave you. Grow up, get a pair, and remember that as women, we have the upper hand. We have the boobs, which means we have the power. And usually (not a 100% guarantee or anything), but usually, once you adopt this attitude, the guy who left you comes running back. Its happened to me personally a number of times. And if he doesn’t? Oh well. You know what they say. Rule #5: The best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else.


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