Can’t wait for Fall!!


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I don’t know why fall is my favorite season… the colors? The much needed cool off from summer? The smells, that’s def a big one! There’s a few staples of fall that I can’t wait for! The first and most important of these is Oktoberfest in La Mesa! It’s the biggest Oktoberfest in San Diego, and although I can’t drink this year (bummer!) it’s still epically fun to look around at all the shops, eat a giant brat, watch bands in the beer garden, and run into everyone I know in San Diego. Seriously, I always see a ton of people there! Then there is the requisite fall trip to Vegas, since the weather is now at tolerable heats. This I am SUPER pumped for!! Because even though I still can’t drink there, I can GAMBLE! And I will be going with people who love the Vegas like I do! I can’t wait to get Brad on the craps table with me and watch him make 18 5’s in a row, bastard… anyways… I can rock a mean bikini though, and now with my preggo belly I don’t have to worry about feeling fat 😀 BONUS! Even if I stay in the room and watch TV at night, something about being in the Vegas makes me happy. I grew up going there, and I can’t wait until I can bring my kids here too! This coming trip will already be Baby’s 2nd trip to Vegas via womb lol. Then of course all through October there are scary movies, haunted houses, pumpkin carving with friends, decorating, hay rides, pumpkin spice candles AND lattes, apple cider all ending with the best Holiday of fall: Halloween! I’m hoping this year I will still be small enough at that time to do Slut-a-ween, but we shall see. All I know is I’m NOT going as a pregnant nun! Halloween sober should be fun, and better yet, I get to document my friends making FOOLS of themselves and making sure they are all safe… awwwww, already the caring protective mother! ha! AND as soon as Halloween is over, and I don’t care what ANYONE says, it’s time to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m talking November 1st, decorations are going up! And since I don’t have a place of my own, I hope friends you are prepared for me to come storming through your doors, November 1st, with bags full of lights! Of course, they’ll all be too hung over from Halloween to care hehehehe…. Looking forward to Winter, the only thing I’m worried about is 1. If I will be able to find a sexy new year’s eve dress for my belly, and 2. If I will have a new year’s eve kiss! But that’s next season’s problems. And just when I was going to say “damn it! I’m gonna do a haunted house this year”, a quick google search informed me that pregnant ladies aren’t allowed to go to haunted houses. Damn! We can’t do ANYTHING fun. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just have to have my SAW marathon instead…. Happy almost Fall!!!!!

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