Movember Men Update

It has come to my attention that one of our Movember Men, Nate M. has decided he will do something crazy in order to raise more money for this amazing cause!

Here is a note from the Mo man himself:

“Just to provide a little encouragement a week in, i’m making a declaration!

If we, as a team can raise $1000.00 by the end of the month, I will get my moustache WAXED off my face on camera!

Use that for motivation or as a story to share to help get donations! we need to start bringing them in! we’re off to a good start, lets keep the momentum going!

Team Legendhairy

Of course I will do my best to get this video on my blog if and when it happens, or maybe I can even stream it LIVE!! I told him that waxing doesn’t hurt, and he said he got his eyebrows done once and almost cried… so needless to say this would be FUN to watch!!

To donate to Team Legendhairy if you wanna see this happen!!

Team Legendhairy is also trying to get support through our local San Diego radio stations! Team Leader Justin R. has been diligently sending emails to local radio hosts asking them for some on-air encouragement for this great cause! I suggest you all do the same in your own cities, as with facebook and twitter it is even easier to get closer to these local movers & shakers! Remember, this is all for a great cause, and unlike other causes, 100% of the proceeds donated go to help prostate cancer research. Here is a note from Justin R.:


My name is Justin and I am part of a team that helps raise awareness to the cancers that are ailing men.

During the month of November, my team and I, captained by Nathan Muzquiz, have decided to donate our faces in support of this cause.

Our commitment is the growth of a mustache for the entire month of November, which I know will generate conversation, controversy, and laughter.

This movement, not only that we participate in but it takes place internationally, is referred to as MOvember. MOvember is the combination of the slang term for Mustache (Mo) combined with the month of November. Since October has been dedicated to women’s breast cancer awareness, we feel that men’s cancers need a recognition month as well. More information about MOvember can be found at

My team and I are reaching out to people to collect donations, with 100% of the proceeds going to help the causes of prostate cancer, among other cancer research. This is where I am asking for your help. In order for us to receive donations, we need to get our team name out to the people of San Diego so that we may receive as many donations as possible to help contribute.

Our donation link can be found here: From there you can donate to our cause and check out our team’s webpage.

I know that KSON has an amazing fan base with many loyal listeners, myself being one of them, but KSON comes across to me as a radio station that cares. Please help us with whatever you can do, maybe a small announcement on the air, or a donation of time or money, anything you can do at all would be a tremendous help for my team and I. I have yet to contact any other radio stations, you are my first choice, and I hope you can help.”

Again, if you could help in any way by re-tweeting this blog post, sharing it on Facebook, donating, telling your friends, or forwarding to local media you’d be a hero in so many eyes!!

We had almost 200 views on yesterdays blogs thanks to all the great, albiet weirdly moustached men that are participating in Movember! Let’s keep the pace!

Lastly, we have a new Movember Man aboard! It’s not to late to get featured on my blog along with the other Mo Men! Just send me a picture of your ‘stache and some information about why you’re helping Movember and I’ll put you up here! Email to!

Mike C.

Movember Start

“Thank you for your interest in Movember and spreading the word about it in your blog.  A quick bio on me is that I am a 38 year old man now living in Charlotte NC.  I had done a couple triathlons in 2008 and enjoyed them a lot. In 2009 I had a lot going on in my life including switching jobs and moving.  This year I felt like I needed to get back in shape and decided that having a goal was the best way to keep on track.  I did two sprint triathlons this year which was a great feeling.  During my training I searched blogs of fellow heavy people that were out there doing these events.  I came across a blog by someone calling himself Fatty (http:\\  Fatty (Elden) really opened my eyes to the work that Livestrong is doing for people.  He has built a huge team of people that are all fighting against cancer.  Whether it be that they have cancer, know someone who does, or just wants to help rid the world of such suffering, they all fight together.  Most of these people have never meet each other but that doesn’t matter. Fatty posted about Movember on his blog recently and I was curious about it.  I had never heard of it before.  It really is a sweet program.  I raise money for a worthy cause AND I get the grow a crazy mustache?  I was in as soon as I read it.  I joined up with Team Fatty and started fund raising. It is a great feeling to help others out.  One of the family friends that I sent a fund raising email to emailed me back and was thrilled about Movember.  She told me her brother in-law was having surgery for prostate cancer the next day.  Her husband and her were so happy to see that something was being done to raise awareness and funds for such a needed cause.  I was glad that I could lift their spirits during this rough patch. I really haven’t done a lot of volunteering in my life but I think that is something that is going to change.  I am signed up to do a 300 mile bicycle ride in 3 days for the Make a Wish Foundation next July.  I am really glad that I stumbled on to Fatty’s blog.  It has made a very positive change in my life.”

Mike C.’s Donation Page:

Keep looking for updates all Movember long to see the hilarious ‘staches, more on our Mo Men, and how much we’re raising for this great cause!! Spread the word and comment!

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