Movember Men Update #2

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! Well, it’s been a few days since we all started Movember, and I have another three guys who want to join in on the fun and goodwill! Let me introduce them to you:

First up is a dear good friend of mine.

Nate L.

Movember Start

“I am a SDSU Aztec alumni and have lived in San Diego for about 7 years.  I am participating in Movember this year to show support and raise awareness for mens health.  I think I look terrible with a mustache, but this cause supersedes vanity.”

Aaron C.

Movember Start

“Hey I’m Aaron and I am a filmmaker out of San Francisco and I am proud to be a part of the Movember movement. Since having lost my grandfather to cancer and having some close friends affected by the disease, i figured the least I could do was grow out my dirt-stache for a month. I hope to encourage, nay INSPIRE others to the cause and help raise what funds and awareness I can to make prostate and testicular cancers a thing of the past. Please join the Movement and help men everywhere change the face of men’s health.”

Here is a link for Aaron C.’s donation page:


John G.

Movember Start

History has been molded by Great Men with Great Mustaches, from Albert Einstein, to Ned Flanders, to Pedro (from Napoleon Dynamite) our world has praised and followed these men of the warm upper lip. And now it is my turn to join the ranks of these Pharaohs of facial hair, these Sultans of the Soup Strainer.

What’s up I’m John, as a corporate desk monkey and recent SDSU MBA graduate, I am trying to exploit my network to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. After three successful attempt at growing a variety of ‘staches for a variety of reasons (mostly Irony and Awesomeness), I have once again decided to abandon my full beard, for the powerful-strip-of-the-upper-lip. I have joined team Trash-Stach and have set out to help raise awareness for Men’s Health by doing the least I possibly can, not shaving. Beside not doing anything, my team will be collecting donations and selling wearable fake mustaches at bars throughout San Diego to raise funds. Finally to make this a little more interesting and hopefully get me a few more donations I have been informed that the culmination of Mo-Vember comes at the annual Gala, so whoever donates the most to my Mo-Vember cause will get to choose my Gala Outfit and Stach style

Here is a link for John G.’s donation page:

Pirate Face

Movember Start

Also, we have a wonderful note from Nate M., Team Legendhairy’s leader to the team, and all of our supporters:

“Hey Team!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve had an AMAZING friday!  We have had 3 huge donations in the last day and i want to let everyone know who they are:

Colleen Cardas of Cardas Audio  donated 400.00 dollars to our team!  If that isnt motivation enough to get out there and try and get your work, co-workers, friends and family to support us with anything they can then i dont know what will! A big thanks to Colleen Cardas and the rest of Cardas Audio

Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio and donated 100.00 dollars to our team in support of movember and prostate cancer research.  Dan is always there to help out with anything and i know he’s working hard behind the scenes of Team LegendHairy to bring in other heavy hitters. Because of Dan we gained access to Cardas Audio above, so thanks Dan for your donation and constant work to bring in other donations.

Marc Phillips also made a donation of 50 dollars to our team which is greatly appreciated and has helped to boost us over the 600 dollar total mark by the end of week 1.  Thanks Marc!

Also, co-captain Justin Roscoe has gotten in touch with FOX5 news and he and I are working together to get on Fox5 news in the next week or two to promote the team, movember, and prostate cancer awareness.  They have also expressed interest in covering the waxing of my mustache if we break the 1,000.00 original goal set forth!

So there we have it guys, our week 1 / 5 day recap.  Dont forget we are all in this together, and lets blow well beyond the 1000.00 mark we originally set forth as a goal.  I think we can be one of the top donators for a team of our size! we are already ranked 440th in the nation! so keep it up guys!

Team LegendHairy
-Nathan Muzquiz”

This so far has been a great start! And to all the men who joined, I love the Mo start! Look for ‘stache updates coming Wednesday!!

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  1. Since Indigo cannot grow a mo’ we have improvised.


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