Weekly Top 10

This week’s top 10 list is something very near and dear to my heart. Top 10 reasons why dating a hot pregnant chic is AWESOME!

10. We rub baby oil all over. Daily.

9. Hate women who only eat a salad? Well, we’ll eat the salad, the steak, the fries, your fries, and dessert. And the best part? No bloat… That’s just the baby.

8. Wanna take advantage of that beer and shot deal the bar has during football Sunday? Don’t mind if ya do. Dating us is like having a built in DD.

7. We like to sleep. A lot. That means you can either sleep with us or watch whatever you want on TV.

6. Like being taken care of? Well guess what, we’re gearing up for that so our taking care of someone tolerance is much higher. So yeah, we’ll get you another beer honey.

5. No that time of the month.

4. Your button down shirts are SO comfy to wear around the house. Lucky for you they’re pretty sexy too, no?

3. Pregnant women are naturally hornier.

2. Curvy women are hot. Preggo=curves in literally all the right places like…

1. Like boobs? How about big ones? Like DDs? Yeah, we got em.

Agree/disagree? What would be your #1 perk? Comment below!

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  1. Totally making my husband read this 🙂

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