Weekly Top 10: Another 10 reasons why dating a pregnant chick is awesome!

See the first 10 reasons here!

10. Free milk?

9. You HAVE to try new positions. Missionary is not really possible anymore. Up for the challenge?

8. I’m taking yoga classes for strength and breathing techniques. But its YOGA. Bendy… Stretching… You see where I’m going with this?

7. We do kegals. Daily.

6. You realize you’re awesome: There’s something very manly about coming in a woman and child’s life and providing for them when the biological father refuses to. Its so honorable, truly. My dad raised my half-brother since he was a baby and is now raising my cousin since she was in 6th grade. I’m not saying any woman needs to be rescued, but it takes a certain mature and capable man to do it. It really says something about a guy, that ultimately he can be a provider. And I’m all for feminism, but in the end my man needs to be a provider, a protector, honorable and selfless. If you can actually date or be with a preggo woman or single mom, you likely possess these qualities, and I applaud you.

5. Did I mention before the awesome cravings you get to join in on? That means no lectures from us on eating cheetos and ice cream for dinner, then chips and pickles for dessert. And cake. Mmmm cake. Or oreos!

4. Nesting. It means we LOVE to clean and organize, so if you’re messy… Put us in your room for an hour and it’ll be spotless. And we probably won’t even notice we did it!

3. Sick of co-dependent women who lose their lives and themselves into their relationship? Well, nothing says independence from YOU like a baby. That means we’ll never be those uber clingy girls and we’ll want some time and space outside of you for our other relationship.

2. If you’re ready for a grown up relationship with a woman who is settled down and responsible, look no further than a preggo lady/single mom. I no longer have time to be immature and irresponsible, even if I wanted to.

1. NO DRAMA. I’d say being a single mom is about as close to being drama free as possible. I don’t have time for petty gossip, nor do I have time to worry about silly things that I did when I was 20… Like “who was that girl I heard in the background?” Jealousy really has no place anymore because with a kid, there’s no games (except maybe peek-a-boo, and yes, that’s both a sexual innuendo and a baby game). You screw me over, there won’t be ANY drama, you’ll just be gone. Same with friends.

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