December Nights

December Nights

As part of my Holiday List of activities to do, I got started last night by attending December Nights at Balboa Park. I have never attended this before, even though I was born and raised in SD, and I will likely not be going back. Tip if you do go next year: park at Petco for $3 and take the free shuttle to and from. The shuttle trip was fast, warm, and the shuttle was actually nice. Another tip if you decide to go: bundle up. Cause it was FREEZING!! I was so not prepared for it to be that cold. I was also expecting to spend more time indoors, since all the museums were open free to the public for the event. However, much like any big event in San Diego, there were lines… lines for everything! Lines for the museum, lines for what looked like a beer garden, lines for kettle corn. So be expecting that. I also found there wasn’t too much to do besides eat street food and be cold… I thought it was going to be WAY more decorated then it was, and also more going on then there was. Mostly there was just people walking everywhere. We saw one group dance, and one teen choir sing, and that was it. Pretty much as soon as we got there we decided that we would get our free museum in, and then go somewhere warm! The Museum of Photographic Art didn’t have a line, and it was soooo warm in there! But MoPA is a rather boring museum, at least we got in for free. I also thought there would be more vendors out there selling stuff like at Oktoberfest, but either I didn’t see them, or they didn’t exist. All in all, I’m glad I experienced it, but I probably won’t be going next year. Next up is hopefully the Parade of Lights at the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

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