1st Ever Live Blog Post!

As a promise I made if my blog hit over 3,000 views, I will be doing a live blog post through ustream.com Monday evening from 8:30pm until 9. I fully don’t expect anyone to log in and watch me, but I will be putting the archive up on my blog that night. If anyone wants to send me questions, I promise to answer them truthfully! Otherwise, expect my usual babble about relationships, philosophy and baby pains. If you do wanna send me questions, DM or @ message me @20somethinglife, or “like” my blog on Facebook and post em there!

This is the first time I will ever be doing a live video blog, so I hope it goes smoothly and I don’t look like a total idiot, although I know I will! Anyways, it’s something I’ve wanted to experiment with for awhile now so wish me luck!

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