The Godfather

Seeing as I’m not particularly religious, I don’t really get the idea of god-parents. After googleing the term (as I do), the purpose became clear: a god-parent is supposed to help raise your children in the way of whatever religion you subscribe to in your absence. But going beyond that, I think a god-parent is someone who maintains a special 2-way relationship with the god-child. A non-blood relative who is part of the family is how I see it. Choosing someone to be a god-parent is a big deal. They’re expected to be there for a baby, kid, teenager, and eventually adult who they aren’t related to in any way whatsoever. To provide support for someone they had no help in creating.


I envision for Sophie’s god-parents to be there for birthdays and special occasions. Give her advice when she needs it and sometimes when she doesn’t. Help her out financially or otherwise if she’s struggling. But above all that, to guide her to be an awesome, stable, healthy and loved person. I imagine long philosophical debates, dates to get ice cream, trips to the zoo, and dispensing advice about her first boyfriend.


For me, there was only 1 person I could ask to be Sophie’s god-father. I know first hand the kind of support he is willing and able to give, as he has given it to me over the last 10 years. His name is Brad, and while he is an ex (and the most serious one to date), he is also still probably my best friend. I met him when I was 19 and we dated pretty much my entire adult life until I was 25. Because of the fact that we grew up as adults together, we agree on almost everything, have a ton in common, and he is probably the most intelligent person I know (besides myself, obviously). While a “god”-parent is supposed to raise the “god”-child in the ways of, well, god, I know he will raise Sophie in the way of intellect. And good taste in music. Brad and I have been through hell and back, he has seen me at my worst and my best, and I dearly love him still to this day. I always knew he would always be a part of my life somehow, and I am thankful that in can be in this capacity.


I am not sure how my future will pan out, none of us can be. I do know though that the people that love me in my life will always do right by Sophie. I am thankful that for everything I have been through I have this amazing family and extended family that are so good to me. And I am thankful that Brad accepted being her god-parent. He really is almost an extension of myself (except that fact that he is slowly becoming more and more politically conservative) and I know Sophie will grow up loving him! I did tell him, however, that if he ever registers republican, his god-parent privileges will be revoked. And I mean it.

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