Fuck the June Wellness Challenge!

Back in June I made a goal of losing weight and Blah blah blah. Well that didn’t work out. I actually gained weight since then (muscle anyone?) and my inches go back and forth. I was working out really well for awhile, then Sophie got crazy and I spent a week in Vegas. Since then it’s been a little hard to get motivated. I hate the way My new body looks in the mirror, but I’m also amazed at what it has done and that my body has nourished my baby for this long on it’s own!! I’ve decided that instead of focusing on the fat, I should be loving what I have and who that makes me now. Afterall, that’s what I would want Sophie to do!

But for now I am using a calorie counter to try to make good choices and am aiming for exercise when I can. I’ll update if there’s progress…

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