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DIY Magnetic Board

Well, I have most of the supplies bought for my first DIY project. I was waiting for Black Friday to buy most of the supplies (hello… SALES!!!!). So far I have spent:

1 square yard of fabric from through Amazon: $7.50

Glue gun from Walmart: $7.00

Glue gun glue sticks from Walmart: $2.00

2 wood frames from Target $5.00 each (11 x 14): $10.00

2 bottles of Krylon from Walmart $3.47 each: $6.94 (metallic silver & Tiffany blue: not the official colors)

**update 11/30/11: Home-Depot shopping trip**

3-pack tack cloth: $2.68

Grey Primer spray paint: $3.77

Clear Matte spray paint: $3.77

220 sand paper block: $3.97

Sub-total: $47.63

I plan on making 2 of these as presents to start with and see how it goes from there… Most of the cost is start-up cost since I literally had NOTHING crafty to begin with. I still need mini-magnets, sand-paper, a tack cloth apparently (I’ve been doing some google-ing if you can’t tell), some primer spray paint and some sealant spray paint. Oh yeah, and the metal board. That part is sorta important! I’m gonna try to stop by some thrift stores or a Ross today to see if I can get some frames for less than $5 each. But I am excited to start this project! Pics of supplies to come soon!

Oh yeah, i got accepted to law school!

Since i graduated from SDSU in 2007 I’ve been trying to get into law school. Well, i finally have been accepted into TJSL full time starting Spring 2012. Except now i don’t know if i want to, or rather if i should go. Do i want to? Hell yes! But is it the best thing? That I’m not too sure about anymore. Given the economy, lack of jobs, and the amount of debt a law student takes on this decision becomes much more tricky. What are your experiences out there?

As I’ve tried talking myself out of it, the reasons to go started matching the ones not to go. It’s hard to see everyone else pursuing a dream and not try to go after your own.

New Tattoo!

Okay, so you have to look at it the other way, since I took this with my iPhone and it’s thus upside down. It is a mother and daughter in an embrace, and the heart is naturally an infinite loop. It’s infinite because I’ll always love Sophie, my baby, and we’re forever in an embrace because I’ll always be there for her, no matter what. And the 3 daisies stand for innocence, because she’s my sweet little innocent baby girl. And 3 daisies for the 3rd month she was born, March. So it’s a little cheesy when you spell it out in that way… but I love it. I love her even more. Here is the cutest picture ever, so make sure you have some mouthwash because it’s REALLy sweet!


As most of you know, or should know, I am horrible at making anything. Well, except babies. I’d say I’m pretty good at that! But as far as food, or clothes, or food, I’m just about as bad as it gets. But I stumbled upon a blog recently that I fell in love with… Liz Marie’s Blog. She is one talented inspiring lady!! Per her blog, one of the first DIY projects that I am going to make is some make-up magnetic boards.

I also found inspiration at Laura Thoughts. Her make up boards were amazing, ant the one specifically that I am going to try to replicate is mustard and black and all gorgeous! 

I’m really pumped about this and will be blogging every moment of it! Today I ordered the fabric online and I will be trying to buy/borrow the rest of the items I need soon.

Lyric tattoos

“Remember to breathe and everything will be okay.”

-Dashboard Confessional

“Love is watching someone die, so who’s gonna watch you die?”

-Death Cab for Cutie

“So this is the difference between living and not living? These are just bodies.”

-Minus the Bear

The hardest part is deciding where to put them.

Fuck the June Wellness Challenge!

Back in June I made a goal of losing weight and Blah blah blah. Well that didn’t work out. I actually gained weight since then (muscle anyone?) and my inches go back and forth. I was working out really well for awhile, then Sophie got crazy and I spent a week in Vegas. Since then it’s been a little hard to get motivated. I hate the way My new body looks in the mirror, but I’m also amazed at what it has done and that my body has nourished my baby for this long on it’s own!! I’ve decided that instead of focusing on the fat, I should be loving what I have and who that makes me now. Afterall, that’s what I would want Sophie to do!

But for now I am using a calorie counter to try to make good choices and am aiming for exercise when I can. I’ll update if there’s progress…


Best part about being single & sick? Putting a tissue in your nose all night long to sop up the snot and not being embarrassed.

Worst part about being single & sick? No one to wait on you when you need water and cuddle with when you feel yucky.

Winner? I think tissue, hands down!

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