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Oh yeah, i got accepted to law school!

Since i graduated from SDSU in 2007 I’ve been trying to get into law school. Well, i finally have been accepted into TJSL full time starting Spring 2012. Except now i don’t know if i want to, or rather if i should go. Do i want to? Hell yes! But is it the best thing? That I’m not too sure about anymore. Given the economy, lack of jobs, and the amount of debt a law student takes on this decision becomes much more tricky. What are your experiences out there?

As I’ve tried talking myself out of it, the reasons to go started matching the ones not to go. It’s hard to see everyone else pursuing a dream and not try to go after your own.

So many choices…

I knew I hated making decisions from an early age. My parents have “fond” memories of me spending literally HOURS standing in the Barbie aisle of the local toy store (remember KB Toys in the mall??). I guess I was trying to pick the perfect Barbie (looking back they’re all perfect… That damn Barbie!). It was silly though because what I didn’t realize then was I’d be back in another week or so to get yet another one! But I did the same thing shoe shopping. I remember my older brother was tasked with taking me shoe shopping for an upcoming dance and I COULD NOT pick a pair of shoes to save my life. My brother had to threaten to leave without me after several hours inside a payless.

I mean, these decisions, even as a young child, gave me panic. I felt anxiety choosing a Barbie, what the hell is that! I guess it was a little personality quirk that would continue, even to this day, although now I don’t hesitate at Payless, I just buy all the shoes I like 😉

At this moment in my twentysomething life, I am faced with several choices, each of them scary on their own. Or the choice to do nothing, which is also scary. As many of you know, law school has always been a dream of mine, yet I cannot seem to get accepted into a school. I can always go back to Concord Law School… But then what? I think lately my reality about POST-law school has become quite jaded. Its a rough economy out there. And there are more law students then ever. The chances that I’d actually get a job doing what I want that makes enough money to pay off the enormous debt I’d be getting into is slim. Which I didn’t really care about before, but now that I have Sophie, I HAVE to think about her future. I can’t slum it & live off of mac n cheese anymore. I have to give Soph everything and that may mean giving up or delaying that dream.

However, recently another plan has popped into my head, using the skills I already possess. I’ve been seriously thinking about starting a side business doing contract work bookkeeping. I spoke with my professional mentor and he laid out a plan that is VERY easy to start. And his support of me is incredibe. I would be doing bookkeeping for small businesses using Quickbooks. I would also run payroll, file taxes (personal & business) and more like powerpoint presentations, social media marketing plans & set-up, create excel worksheets, financial statements, HR and employee tracking… Etc. I have a lot of skills that Domino’s has blessed me with that I would LOVE to develop into my own business. Its just again, a huge risk to take. The startup cost is significantly less than law school obviously, but I’d be opening myself up for huge failure & embarrassment if I couldn’t pull it off.

Or I coukd do nothing, continue to work at Domino’s and grow my position there. I’ve been treated so well here and there are growing opportunities for me. For instance, I have a chance to write & teach a section on the importance of social media marketing in sales building techniques for a training class that trains hundreds of managers. That’s pretty HUGE!

Decisions decisions….

The waiting game

I do realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Anything interesting at least. It’s because my life hasn’t been interesting and I wouldn’t dare bore my lovely readers (all 3 of you) with boring pregnancy-related posts. That’s what my facebook page is for (sorry facebook friends!)

Right now my life is in a stage of waiting… and waiting… and waiting. There are two things, namely, that I am stuck waiting on: 1. My baby coming, and 2. Law School acceptance or denial letters. And neither is there anything I can do about it. And that drives me CRAZY!!! If you know me, you know that I like to be in charge of things. No, not like… more like NEED to be in charge. I need to know, I have an insatiable thirst to know things. Anything. The ending to a long movie. Whether or not the anecdote Justin Timberlake recites in The Social Network about Victoria’s Secret is true (it was). What I am getting for Christmas (if I can look, I will). Who the person that texted you was (not because I’m jealous, but because I HATE now knowing!) And that’s just it. I HATE not knowing something, I loathe it. If I want something, I want it now, if I want to know something, I look it up. Otherwise it consumes me and drives me to the point of insanity and I end up feeling defeated at life because I just can’t know that one thing. There is a shirt that the last time I remember having was my 21st birthday in Las Vegas back in god-knows-when that I don’t know what happened to and you know what? 5 years later, I still think about it. I WANT TO KNOW!!!

So living in a state of waiting is hell for me. It pretty much destroys my entire life and turns me into an obsessive freak. California Western School of Law has a “status checker” for the status of your application with them and I check it at midnight sometimes. As if they’re updating my status and deciding my application at that time. If I order something online, the tracking number becomes my new best friend and I check it daily. Not because I need the package or anything, but just because I need to know where the package is. I don’t care if it won’t be delivered for a year. If I can track it, I’m a happy girl. With Sophie, every time I have a braxton-hicks contraction along with (literally) any other symptom, I immediately google it to try and see if labor is close. So far, it isn’t.

Yesterday I googled “does a lot of braxton hicks contractions mean labor is close?” just because I NEED something on which to measure! I need it!! I need to know!!!!! Realizing that she will come when she wants to and there is nothing I can do I think has been the most frustrating experience of my life. You better believe at 37 weeks (when she is considered full term) I will be trying every single home remedy I can google to start labor. Except castor oil… that just sounds like a bad idea from what I’ve read. I see her moving in my belly and I feel her rolling around and kicking and it’s as if she’s laughing at me saying “I know something you don’t know”. And she won’t share.

I actually think this state of waiting kind of depresses me. I have no desire to do much, go out… then again, that’s just a part of pregnancy anyways. But still, it’s SO frustrating for me that it actually becomes depressing. I think that a big part of it is that the two biggest things that will happen to shape my future are coming, and I have no control over them. Zero. And that’s really a scary thing. All these other people know how my future is going to shape out and I don’t. So I do the only thing I can do… I continue to wait. And wait. And wait. And check my Cal Western status checker 3 times a day to satiate my need to know.

Law School Diversity Statement

I’m posting this on here in hopes that all my awesome friends and readers of my blog can help me revise this. Please leave suggestions/rewrites on the comments section. Or email me!

Y’all are the best, and thanks for continuing your support of me going to LS!

For Applicant: Elizabeth Atkins

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Diversity Statement

Where I am from most girls are pregnant and married a few years out of high school. Practically no one goes to college, and I’m one of the few of my graduating class to go on to graduate school. All these years I’ve managed to stay dedicated to my studies and have never given up, even though I have had some ups and downs.

While preparing for the LSAT earlier this year, I found out I was pregnant. The father, unfortunately, decided that having a baby was too much for him to handle, and I found myself taking the LSAT and applying to law schools as a single expecting mother. Needless to say, I was scared and questioned whether or not I should continue down the path of graduate school. But law school has been my dream for 4 years now, and too many women give up on a dream they have had because of motherhood. I vowed I would not be just another statistic, and that, unlike the girls I grew up around, I could be a mother and have the career of my dreams.

When I enter law school in the fall of 2011, I will have a 6 month year old newborn baby girl, Sophie Pearl. Becoming a first time mother has shifted my priorities immensely and I am determined to build a future not only for myself, but for my baby girl. Yes, I understand the rigors of law school and the hardships of single motherhood are obstacles to be feared on their own, nonetheless doing both at the same time. Yet I am a determined and strong willed woman, and I have a new goal of becoming a role model for my daughter, showing her that we truly can do whatever we set our minds to, regardless of the obstacles in our way.

I know my perspective as a single mother of a newborn will be an attribute to Thomas Jefferson and the entering class of fall 2011. We are what we experience, and it is no doubt that my experiences as a single mother through this process, and the hard work I will put in once school starts will contribute in a positive way to my point of view during class discussions, relationships with fellow students, and my drive to succeed in school and beyond.

This journey will undoubtedly be a difficult one, more difficult than what the average hard working law student has to endure. But I am not only willing to bring it on, but determined to do so for Sophie. I am lucky in that my life will be starting in two ways in 2011: Having a baby, and starting law school. I have no room to fail in either path, and that is ultimately what will make me a diverse student to your school and a successful practicing attorney in the future.

Next Steps

My first step is to apply for WIC and hopefully get help buying food while preggo. I just pray I don’t make too much money for them. I’ve also recently realized that when I’m in law school full time I’m not going to have a job at all. I wonder what my options are then… can I get rental assistance? tuition assistance? I have no freaking clue. There’s no way child support is going to cover my expenses and my baby’s expenses while I’m in law school.

So Thursday I’m going to go down to the WIC office and apply for that.

I already filled out my FAFSA and my EFC is 0 thank god.

Friday morning I’m going down to Cal Western to speak to an admissions counselor about the types of assistance they have for pregnant applicants and single mothers. I have read that many schools will provide almost disability services, like allowing me to bring the baby to class with me to breast feed, and what kind of need-based scholarships I may be eligible for.

Next week I will meet with Thomas Jefferson for the same questions and advice.

And as of right now I have about a month to study my ass off for the LSAT. I am going to have to try my hardest not to let my emotional state get in the way of what I want. It’s very very hard since between the breakup and the pregnancy I am constantly depressed. Maybe I can form a study group with some kids in my LSAT class. I am going to forget about Nick, and what he has done to me, for now at least. Afterall, I don’t know why I would even want to try to be with someone who has such a disregard for the welfare of the woman he supposedly loves or loved and her unborn child. Maybe my doctor can give me some awesome meds to help me cope with all this. And I’m definitely going to get back into counseling and maybe do some yoga at 24 hour fitness. And if anyone wants to help me with yoga, or attend lamaze classes with me, please please please let me know!!!

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