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Human Nature : Is This Child Pornography?

Human Nature : Is This Child Pornography?.

Really interesting article on how far we may end up taking things when we pass certain laws. I don’t personally think we should prosecute based on an idea or fabrication of something that isn’t real.

Post Tech – Court strikes down FCC indecency rules on fleeting f-bombs

Post Tech – Court strikes down FCC indecency rules on fleeting f-bombs.

Woo hoo! A win for the constitution, first amendment. The FCC is such a horrible organization that seeks to take away the fist amendment by way of Radio/TV and I’m glad the courts have finally ruled against them.

Judge Topples U.S. Rejection of Gay Unions –

Judge Topples U.S. Rejection of Gay Unions –

Love this quote:

Chris Gacek, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, a leading conservative group, said he was disappointed by the decision.

“The idea that a court can say that this definition of marriage that’s been around forever is irrational is mind-boggling,” Mr. Gacek said. “It’s a bad decision.”

I simply awe at this type of logic. It is so clearly flawed that I don’t know how people say it aloud without laughing. I think that this logic is irrational and mind-boggling. I know it’s some sort of logical fallacy. So many things in this world have been proven to be wrong even though that definition has been around forever… Lets make a list…

  • The Earth was flat (there was scientific formulas proving this to be correct)
  • The Sun revolved around the Earth (ditto with the science)
  • Black people’s brains were less evolved than white people’s brains (Craniometry)
  • Black and White people (or any interracial couples) couldn’t marry (Anti-miscegenation)
  • Women are Men’s property

There’s also some things that are completely relatively new ideas to the world that we as Americans/Westerners have accepted that were never widely accepted:

  • The idea of religious freedom was something that had never been widely tolerated by Governments throughout the world’s history. When John Locke spoke of this in his treatise, it was a completely unheard of idea, yet it was this idea that spawned the Revolution. Not only ours, but the French Revolution too.
  • Science! Science is something where the definitions are constantly changing. Recently, Pluto got declassified as a planet. Space is something we have no idea what the hell the definition is, yet we accept it. An atom is no longer the smallest thing known to man, and don’t even get me started on non-Euclidean Geometry

Can anyone add to these 2 categories?

Report: Verizon getting iPhone in January – Technology & science – Wireless –

Report: Verizon getting iPhone in January – Technology & science – Wireless –

FINALLY!!! iPhone not on AT&T’s shitty ass network. I officially HATE AT&T. My contract is up with them next year and I’m DEF switching to Verizon and getting the iPhone 4! WoooooHOoooooo

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