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Amazon pedophilia author arrested

Amazon pedophilia author arrested – Technology & science – Security –

This enrages me. A lot. Arresting someone on an “obscenity” charge? What the hell is that? I understand very well that the content of the book is highly immoral and gross… but it IS just that: a book. He didn’t do anything (in this particular instance). The guy wrote a book. Isn’t this clearly protected under our 1st amendment protections? I mean, when Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense“, he committed treason against the crown. He actually broke the law, he encouraged war, death, fighting, treason… He was one of the worst offenders ever to have existed. Yet, we look at him and his book full of fallacies as heroic. Now, I’m not going to even try to argue that what this guy is doing is heroic. Maybe it is to someone, somewhere.

But what he has done IS protected by our constitution, as it should be. It’s unfortunate these days what we as a society choose to give up to prosecute child molesters. Yes, they are the worst of the worst, but I will always believe, at least philosophically, that our rights, our constitution is more important. And yet again I quote the great Ben FranklinThose who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I guess it is difficult for most people to see what exactly our constitution is in the big picture of the history of the world. We are the only country in the history of the world to protect these freedoms… and yet, here we are, blatantly taking them away for some temporary safety. Even though we’ve seen what happens throughout history in other countries who have gone down this path… Dictatorships and no freedom whatsoever.

It reminds me of the movie V for Vendetta, where people become to scared to say anything because they will be persecuted if they say the wrong thing. I can’t help but think that maybe one day I will arrested for writing this blog, so-called “defending” the pedophiles. But the public are ignorant, and ignorance causes blindness. It becomes the “with us or against us” mentality, which by the way commits the fallacy of bifurcation and is a completely illogical way of thinking. I wish I could buy this book, I almost did order it when Amazon was selling it. What is really sad is that what stopped me was that I was literally afraid that it may come back to get me in trouble one day. I thought maybe I’ll be investigated for pedophilia, or maybe arrested for violating some obscenity charge. I wanted to read this book, not because I want to make love to children, but because I was genuinely curious, as an intellectual, what all the fuss was about… was it really that bad? that graphic?

It’s akin to wanting to read Mein Kampf in attempting to study the psychology of Adolf Hitler. I actually own that book, and I do display it proudly on my bookshelf. Am I racist or antisemitic? Hell no. Am I fascinated and intrigued by one of the world’s most powerful leaders to have ever existed, of course. I guess my point in all this is, we have the right to make a book about molesting children. As terrible as that sounds, we have that right. And we also have the right to not read that book, or talk badly about that book, or buy that book. And none of those actions should have legal consequences. There is no place for morality in law. Morality is fickle and unstable. It’s temporary and it’s easily turned by the masses. Morality and reason are often the opposite of eachother. 60 years ago it was immoral for blacks and whites to attend the same schools, and that was the law. Now we all know and see how fucking retarded that was. Now it’s pedophiles and gays. When will people become educated and start using reason more? I honestly hope that the Colorado mayor doesn’t extradite him on these ridiculous charges. And if it goes to trial, I worry because the Supreme Court isn’t ready to rule on these issues yet. And it’s sad that these days we can’t trust our lower court systems to make the reasonable decisions and follow… I dunno… that thing called the Constitution.

Human Nature : Is This Child Pornography?

Human Nature : Is This Child Pornography?.

Really interesting article on how far we may end up taking things when we pass certain laws. I don’t personally think we should prosecute based on an idea or fabrication of something that isn’t real.

Educate yourself

I can’t even watch this trailer all the way through, but I’ve already decided about a year ago now that I am going to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life. And although I’m not a strict vegan, I don’t drink milk and I use soy butter, although the fake cheese is simply terrible. But the documentary “Earthlings” is one of the most eye opening documentaries about the mean industry, and just living with other beings on this planet in general.

I truly don’t understand how people can watch things like this, know it happens, and yet still participate in the activity. It is such the American way to know that something is being treated horribly, yet to not care because “I’m man, I’m American, I eat meat”. It’s so selfish and irresponsible. Everything… destroying the environment, killing animals so terrible, letting homelessness be a rampant problem. It’s sad. Very sad.

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