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#6: Take a Yoga Class

I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but was afraid I would be bad at it, or not earthy or hippy enough for it. However, being a 24 Hour member has it’s perks in that they offer free yoga classes at every location multiple days/times of the week… so basically they leave you NO excuse to not try it. And since I’m pregnant, and hugely so, I have been hindered from doing my regular exercise routine that I came to adore and enjoy (surprisingly). I figured this way I get the best of both worlds: I still get to exercise, and I get to cross something off my list! Plus, I hear the breathing exercises are good for “labor”… although I’m convinced my labor is going to be very fast and easy (as was the same way she was conceived. Hiyo!!) Anyways, after a phone call to 24 Hour to confirm that huge pregnant ladies can participate safely in the class (we can), I was out of excuses and decided it was time to go. The class I went to is held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the 24 Hour in Santee at 7:30pm. Even though the first night I went I was extremely tired and sleepy, I forced myself to go anyways. And I was glad I did. Yoga isn’t difficult, at least for me. Before and after every workout session I was stretching vigorously. And the yoga class I participated in was a lot of stretching. And balancing. Most of my workout routine also happened to include balancing as I would do all my arm/shoulder workouts on a BOSU ball. And I was in dance all through high school and college. Turns out my past is actually very well suited to yoga. The only trouble I had was the actual muscle building parts, since I hadn’t worked out in awhile, holding a squat pose proved difficult. I do quite enjoy yoga now, all the breathing and stretching and laying down. It was the most calming workout/exercise experience I have ever had and I plan to continue to participate in yoga for a very long time to come. Bravo 24 Hour for offering these classes!

#15: Tan/Pool Topless

I’ve never actually done this before, ever. The closest I’ve gotten to going topless at a pool or the beach was last fourth of July a bunch of us girls wore pasties. That was pretty risque! However, on my latest trip to Vegas, I took the opportunity to make this dream a reality… after all It’s VEGAS!

After realizing we were staying at The Mirage, I looked on their website, and they actually have a pool called Bare Pool Lounge. Bare Pool Lounge

This pool is “European style”, which pretty much means you can go topless… which is exactly what I wanted to do! And since I was with a bunch of girls for the bachelorette party… I did just that. As soon as we came in and got our lounge chairs, my top came off. I did my best to convince the other ladies to go topless with me, but no takers… Eventually my friend and I got invited up into the VIP pool lounge area with these really awesome guys who were there for a bachelor party where they fed us a ton of drinks. And I convinced my friend in our drunken state to join me topless, which she did. Also, a few other women around the pool went topless after I did.

Was it awkward you ask? Actually, no. It was really freeing, and I have a great rack…. so it wasn’t embarrassing at all. I just owned it! And it was one of the funnest and most freeing experiences of my life. I’m so glad I did it.

#41: Play in a pickup game

Now, when I originally added this one to my list, I imagined joining in on a game of basketball, or touch football on the beach. But oh no… not in Lizzy-world. There had to be something even MORE epic…. I participated in a pick up game of….

Wait for it……


Catchprase Electronic

Ummm, I know what you’re thinking…

1. How the HELL does one play a pickup game of catchphrase? and…

2. How awesome is that?!?!

Well I’ll tell you…..

This past weekend I decided on a whim to take a trip with Man X.1 and his family down to Ensenada. Naturally, being the game aficionado that I am, I always carry Catchphrase with me, and this was noooo exception. Since I rock at the game, I brought it…. CP is always a good way to break the ice. And *sidenote*, I got the ladies to participate in a 4 way, across the table, group high five, and yes, it was as epically awesome as it sounds…. *end sidenote*. ANYWAYS…. since Man X.1 and I were running late due to a failed attempt at a B&E on my storage unit, we waited around for awhile on the street corner in PB, and decided to get some fun *ahem, practice* in for CP. His roomie James joined us, and the 3 of us passed it around for a few minutes. A jeep rolled up, parked, and one of the guys in the jeep actually gets out and says: “are you guys playing Catchphrase on a corner??” to which I respond “Of course!! Want to join?”

And the epic part is he says “sure, why the hell not?!” So he walks up and is joined by his other 2 friends, then a girl who lives in James’ apartment complex and the 7 of us stand around, on a street corner, and play a pickup game of CP for a good 15-20 minutes or so. How freakin is that?????? Wow, one of the funnest random game moments of my life. So there it is, #41, playing in a pickup game, fulfilled in a completely unexpected way.

I guess that’s kinda what I like about the list… I have these things that I want to accomplish, but beyond that, it’s the experience that I look forward to and will remember… and how it never quite happened the way I thought, but I wouldn’t want it any other way than how it happened.

#5: Karaoke

After reuniting with some of my bestest friends, and drinking a heavy amount of beer at Main Tap Tavern in El Cajon due in part to awkward situations, I decided to FINALLY do karaoke. With the encouragement of my friend Mike, we decided to “sing” “On A Boat” by The Lonely Island. Pretty much the only part I had down was the “mother fucka” parts. And regardless of how utterly terrible I am at karaoke, it was actually fun and exciting. And since I lost a bet with a new guy, let’s call him Man X.1, I actually have to perform this ONE more time. I feel sorry for the poor bar I choose to do this again at, I truly do! However, I have decided that my 2nd time is going to be to Garth Brooks’ “Ain’t Goin Down Till the Sun Comes Up”, since it’s fast, up beat, and I love me some G. Brooks! I’m pretty sure I’m going to utterly embarrass myself in front of Man X.1, which sucks since I really REALLY like him. However he saw the video above and still decided to talk to me, so I might as well make it epically bad, and as I love to say, own it. After this however, I will limit my karaokeing to giant groups of girls singing cheesy woman-power songs (see: Girls just wanna have fun and/or anything by the spice girls and/or Toxic by Britney Spears). I promise San Diego, I will not karaoke on my own again 🙂

#13: Get Another Tattoo

It says: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” in Hebrew. The saying originated with Hillel the Elder. [Source Wikipedia].

I love tattoos. I have about 10 more ideas of what I want to ink into my skin. This particular one means a lot to me, especially what I’ve been through in the past year. I think the quote is pretty self explanatory, and for me, it just means I need to be for myself, and respect my own person, and not let anyone tear that down, because if I do, then no one will be for me. The tattoo experience was pretty straight forward… trace, place, and ink. Didn’t really hurt that bad. Originally I wanted to get the tattoo under by left breast, on my ribs, but it turns out the design was too intricate to get it so small, the characters would have eventually bled together after a certain amount of years. So I decided to get it on my arm, where I can read it everyday, and remind myself that I am strong, and that I am strong for me.

As far as the list goes, I haven’t really been doing much off of it, so I’m glad I got this one done. This is one of the options that is the closest to my heart. It is a way for me to accept that past, acknowledge my part in it, and move on. A reminder forever, of how strong I am, and how far I’ve come. I am so happy with life right now, and I hope realizing I need to be for myself will allow me to continue on and lead a fulfilling and happy life.

#12: Eat Thai Food

This was a yummy task I got to cross off the list. Again, no particular reason why I’ve NEVER eaten Thai. I guess I’d rather go somewhere I knew the food was good, or I was too scared to try something new. There is a running theme here…. being too scared. Maybe it’s my control issues? I like to know things, and be in control of the situation, and going somewhere I have no idea what is contained in the food is giving up all sense of power. I knew going I wanted to do “curry”. It’s all I knew about Thai food, and I was in a spicy mood. There was about 6 types, 3 of which were colors: Red, Green, and Yellow. I asked the waiter which color was the most popular, and so we went with Green. I’ll admit, I was scared of the dish at first! It looks pretty nasty. But after a few bites it was actually DELISH. And the spicy noodles……. *drool like Homer Simpson* Man though we were SWEATING! And I ordered us some fried Tofu and it came with this sweet dipping sauce that was also nutty. It was GOOD!!! Fun times were had by all, and I can’t wait to go again! Thai food=new fave! Second time I’ve tried something new and it paid off. I see another running theme…..

#2: Snowboard

I don’t know why I have been so scared to try snowboarding. I’ve had many opportunities over the last 10 years to try it. Some with Church, some with friends, and some with boyfriends. I suppose the main reason would be fear of the unknown. After that I would say it was an aversion from doing something that would make me look like a complete ass. And after that, probably the fear of asking someone for help for something that I was terrible at.

BUT, since I’ve started my new year with a list of NEW things to try (and some I haven’t done in awhile…. and some I just want to make sure I make time for) I suppose I chose one of the hardest on the list to start off. The snow is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING!!! Spectacular. I should have put on my list throw a snowball and make a snow angel, because those are things I have never done and always wanted to, AND did do that weekend also!

Making a snow angel was honestly more than I thought it could be! I know it sounds silly, because it is such a silly act, but it was truly….. fun and childlike. Innocent. Something I can see why little kids throw themselves in the freezing snow and do it. Something I’m sad I don’t have as a childhood memory. At least I get a very cool adult memory though! Sitting in a bar, in Tahoe, with some amazing people, watching my Chargers lose in the Playoffs, having our bartender, Chedder, give me her snow clothes during a light blizzard and running out there and making a friggin snow angel! I mean, it sounds pretty lame typing it, but I can tell you it makes me smile and feel warm inside remembering the experience.

Snowboarding was a different memory….. Equally as awesome, but definitely more painful and less, child-like fun. I knew going into it that I would be on my ass alot, but I didn’t know how actually HARD it was! Painful on my body, taxing of my strength. I only did 1 run down the snow, ONE, and I was exhausted!!! But it was so much FUN!!!! Randon helped me learn, and there was a few times where I was actually UP and snowboarding! Like for realsies! It was amazing 😀 The last time I was up was for about 10 seconds (which is actually a long time) and I had my fists in the air pumping “YES!!!!!! I’m doing it!” then I was saying “concentrate…. don’t freak out… DON’T FREAK OUT” and then I tumbled, and my board flipped over my head, and I had the coolest fall of my life, and laid there *pumped* almost as much about my fall as my ride! It was dope. I seriously can’t wait to do it again, and plan on going at least once more pretty soon.

So far my try new things is paying off…. found a sport that I like, made some new friends, and fulfilled some childhood dreams. That’s what this experience is supposed to be about. Fulfillment & growth.

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