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And the Nominees are…

Well folks, it’s almost that time of year… not Christmas, not New Years, but the time where we all reflect back on 2010 and make a resolution for 2011 that we won’t keep.

I don’t even remember what my resolution was for this year… maybe work out more? Who knows, NYE was a pretty drunk and hazy FUN time. But regardless, I still love getting sentimental and thinking of all the things I’ve been through, seen and experienced these past 365 days (almost) and think about what I can do to improve myself for next year.

I guess the truth of the matter is, making a resolution doesn’t help. If we could better our lives or change aspects of our personality with one promise to ourselves declared one day a year, then we’d all be pretty fabulous people. And we aren’t. Sorry. I think at this point its more of a tradition then something any of us actually take seriously or care about. It’s a question that we are expecting to be asked, and we’d better come up with an answer. Some of us decide to make it serious (lose 150 pounds), some decide to make it funny (sleep with 6 countries of women), others sentimental (reconnect with my husband). Yet, we all come up with an answer. Even “no resolution” is a statement. In fact, now that I think about it, I think last year I came up with some babble about living in modesty: exercise in modesty, drinking in modesty, sex in modesty… you get the idea. My belief was (still is) why should be make a drastic change to ourselves or our lifestyle when I honestly believe we should do a little bit of everything, and give up nothing. Well I can tell you that idea got me into a lot of trouble in 2010.

Although few can say that I lived modestly… I partied WAY too much this year, so much so that my last relationship revolved around who I was as a drunk, and not who I actually was in real life. And once I got pregnant, the real me came out, and well if you know me, you know she’s not NEARLY as fun as drunk Lizzy. I mean, I’m a pretty fun girl, a little crazy, a little sporadic and spontaneous, but overall I’m probably about a 70/30 mix: 70% chill, 30% crazy fun. Well drunk me is more like 20/80: 20% chill, and 80% crazy drunk fun. And that personality is addicting, I will tell you. Having a million friends, someone to party with every night of the week, having crazy stories to tell and funny pictures to look at… It’s the life right? I used to think so, but getting pregnant changed my perspective (I hear it’s known to do that…) and now I appreciate the calm life. What I love the most about forced sobriety is the clarification it has brought to me. But that’s for another blog…

THIS blog is to focus on what I want to change for next year. 2011 will be a year of re-birth (figuratively and literally haha). My Mom recovering from lung cancer after a miracle diagnosis, the birth of my daughter Sophie, the start of law school again, moving into my own place for the first time in my life…  So I will list some resolutions I am considering and let you dear readers pick which one you think is best for me… So at last, the nominees are:

1. Grow my hair out and DON’T cut it.

2. Start being on time.

3. Stop biting my nails.

4. Promise to do one thing from my list a month.

5. Learn to cook.

6. Learn to use my sewing machine.

7. Go back to being a Vegetarian.

8. Find that someone special.

9. Answer all phone calls from friends.

10. Move to North Carolina.


So there they are! My Top 10 resolution choices for 2011… Please vote in the comments section, and I will tally them up at the end of the year and make a decision 😀

#15: Tan/Pool Topless

I’ve never actually done this before, ever. The closest I’ve gotten to going topless at a pool or the beach was last fourth of July a bunch of us girls wore pasties. That was pretty risque! However, on my latest trip to Vegas, I took the opportunity to make this dream a reality… after all It’s VEGAS!

After realizing we were staying at The Mirage, I looked on their website, and they actually have a pool called Bare Pool Lounge. Bare Pool Lounge

This pool is “European style”, which pretty much means you can go topless… which is exactly what I wanted to do! And since I was with a bunch of girls for the bachelorette party… I did just that. As soon as we came in and got our lounge chairs, my top came off. I did my best to convince the other ladies to go topless with me, but no takers… Eventually my friend and I got invited up into the VIP pool lounge area with these really awesome guys who were there for a bachelor party where they fed us a ton of drinks. And I convinced my friend in our drunken state to join me topless, which she did. Also, a few other women around the pool went topless after I did.

Was it awkward you ask? Actually, no. It was really freeing, and I have a great rack…. so it wasn’t embarrassing at all. I just owned it! And it was one of the funnest and most freeing experiences of my life. I’m so glad I did it.

#5: Karaoke

After reuniting with some of my bestest friends, and drinking a heavy amount of beer at Main Tap Tavern in El Cajon due in part to awkward situations, I decided to FINALLY do karaoke. With the encouragement of my friend Mike, we decided to “sing” “On A Boat” by The Lonely Island. Pretty much the only part I had down was the “mother fucka” parts. And regardless of how utterly terrible I am at karaoke, it was actually fun and exciting. And since I lost a bet with a new guy, let’s call him Man X.1, I actually have to perform this ONE more time. I feel sorry for the poor bar I choose to do this again at, I truly do! However, I have decided that my 2nd time is going to be to Garth Brooks’ “Ain’t Goin Down Till the Sun Comes Up”, since it’s fast, up beat, and I love me some G. Brooks! I’m pretty sure I’m going to utterly embarrass myself in front of Man X.1, which sucks since I really REALLY like him. However he saw the video above and still decided to talk to me, so I might as well make it epically bad, and as I love to say, own it. Ownit.com. After this however, I will limit my karaokeing to giant groups of girls singing cheesy woman-power songs (see: Girls just wanna have fun and/or anything by the spice girls and/or Toxic by Britney Spears). I promise San Diego, I will not karaoke on my own again 🙂

#2: Snowboard

I don’t know why I have been so scared to try snowboarding. I’ve had many opportunities over the last 10 years to try it. Some with Church, some with friends, and some with boyfriends. I suppose the main reason would be fear of the unknown. After that I would say it was an aversion from doing something that would make me look like a complete ass. And after that, probably the fear of asking someone for help for something that I was terrible at.

BUT, since I’ve started my new year with a list of NEW things to try (and some I haven’t done in awhile…. and some I just want to make sure I make time for) I suppose I chose one of the hardest on the list to start off. The snow is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING!!! Spectacular. I should have put on my list throw a snowball and make a snow angel, because those are things I have never done and always wanted to, AND did do that weekend also!

Making a snow angel was honestly more than I thought it could be! I know it sounds silly, because it is such a silly act, but it was truly….. fun and childlike. Innocent. Something I can see why little kids throw themselves in the freezing snow and do it. Something I’m sad I don’t have as a childhood memory. At least I get a very cool adult memory though! Sitting in a bar, in Tahoe, with some amazing people, watching my Chargers lose in the Playoffs, having our bartender, Chedder, give me her snow clothes during a light blizzard and running out there and making a friggin snow angel! I mean, it sounds pretty lame typing it, but I can tell you it makes me smile and feel warm inside remembering the experience.

Snowboarding was a different memory….. Equally as awesome, but definitely more painful and less, child-like fun. I knew going into it that I would be on my ass alot, but I didn’t know how actually HARD it was! Painful on my body, taxing of my strength. I only did 1 run down the snow, ONE, and I was exhausted!!! But it was so much FUN!!!! Randon helped me learn, and there was a few times where I was actually UP and snowboarding! Like for realsies! It was amazing 😀 The last time I was up was for about 10 seconds (which is actually a long time) and I had my fists in the air pumping “YES!!!!!! I’m doing it!” then I was saying “concentrate…. don’t freak out… DON’T FREAK OUT” and then I tumbled, and my board flipped over my head, and I had the coolest fall of my life, and laid there *pumped* almost as much about my fall as my ride! It was dope. I seriously can’t wait to do it again, and plan on going at least once more pretty soon.

So far my try new things is paying off…. found a sport that I like, made some new friends, and fulfilled some childhood dreams. That’s what this experience is supposed to be about. Fulfillment & growth.

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