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So many choices…

I knew I hated making decisions from an early age. My parents have “fond” memories of me spending literally HOURS standing in the Barbie aisle of the local toy store (remember KB Toys in the mall??). I guess I was trying to pick the perfect Barbie (looking back they’re all perfect… That damn Barbie!). It was silly though because what I didn’t realize then was I’d be back in another week or so to get yet another one! But I did the same thing shoe shopping. I remember my older brother was tasked with taking me shoe shopping for an upcoming dance and I COULD NOT pick a pair of shoes to save my life. My brother had to threaten to leave without me after several hours inside a payless.

I mean, these decisions, even as a young child, gave me panic. I felt anxiety choosing a Barbie, what the hell is that! I guess it was a little personality quirk that would continue, even to this day, although now I don’t hesitate at Payless, I just buy all the shoes I like 😉

At this moment in my twentysomething life, I am faced with several choices, each of them scary on their own. Or the choice to do nothing, which is also scary. As many of you know, law school has always been a dream of mine, yet I cannot seem to get accepted into a school. I can always go back to Concord Law School… But then what? I think lately my reality about POST-law school has become quite jaded. Its a rough economy out there. And there are more law students then ever. The chances that I’d actually get a job doing what I want that makes enough money to pay off the enormous debt I’d be getting into is slim. Which I didn’t really care about before, but now that I have Sophie, I HAVE to think about her future. I can’t slum it & live off of mac n cheese anymore. I have to give Soph everything and that may mean giving up or delaying that dream.

However, recently another plan has popped into my head, using the skills I already possess. I’ve been seriously thinking about starting a side business doing contract work bookkeeping. I spoke with my professional mentor and he laid out a plan that is VERY easy to start. And his support of me is incredibe. I would be doing bookkeeping for small businesses using Quickbooks. I would also run payroll, file taxes (personal & business) and more like powerpoint presentations, social media marketing plans & set-up, create excel worksheets, financial statements, HR and employee tracking… Etc. I have a lot of skills that Domino’s has blessed me with that I would LOVE to develop into my own business. Its just again, a huge risk to take. The startup cost is significantly less than law school obviously, but I’d be opening myself up for huge failure & embarrassment if I couldn’t pull it off.

Or I coukd do nothing, continue to work at Domino’s and grow my position there. I’ve been treated so well here and there are growing opportunities for me. For instance, I have a chance to write & teach a section on the importance of social media marketing in sales building techniques for a training class that trains hundreds of managers. That’s pretty HUGE!

Decisions decisions….

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