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DIY Magnetic Board

Well, I have most of the supplies bought for my first DIY project. I was waiting for Black Friday to buy most of the supplies (hello… SALES!!!!). So far I have spent:

1 square yard of fabric from Fabric.com through Amazon: $7.50

Glue gun from Walmart: $7.00

Glue gun glue sticks from Walmart: $2.00

2 wood frames from Target $5.00 each (11 x 14): $10.00

2 bottles of Krylon from Walmart $3.47 each: $6.94 (metallic silver & Tiffany blue: not the official colors)

**update 11/30/11: Home-Depot shopping trip**

3-pack tack cloth: $2.68

Grey Primer spray paint: $3.77

Clear Matte spray paint: $3.77

220 sand paper block: $3.97

Sub-total: $47.63

I plan on making 2 of these as presents to start with and see how it goes from there… Most of the cost is start-up cost since I literally had NOTHING crafty to begin with. I still need mini-magnets, sand-paper, a tack cloth apparently (I’ve been doing some google-ing if you can’t tell), some primer spray paint and some sealant spray paint. Oh yeah, and the metal board. That part is sorta important! I’m gonna try to stop by some thrift stores or a Ross today to see if I can get some frames for less than $5 each. But I am excited to start this project! Pics of supplies to come soon!

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