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#12: Eat Thai Food

This was a yummy task I got to cross off the list. Again, no particular reason why I’ve NEVER eaten Thai. I guess I’d rather go somewhere I knew the food was good, or I was too scared to try something new. There is a running theme here…. being too scared. Maybe it’s my control issues? I like to know things, and be in control of the situation, and going somewhere I have no idea what is contained in the food is giving up all sense of power. I knew going I wanted to do “curry”. It’s all I knew about Thai food, and I was in a spicy mood. There was about 6 types, 3 of which were colors: Red, Green, and Yellow. I asked the waiter which color was the most popular, and so we went with Green. I’ll admit, I was scared of the dish at first! It looks pretty nasty. But after a few bites it was actually DELISH. And the spicy noodles……. *drool like Homer Simpson* Man though we were SWEATING! And I ordered us some fried Tofu and it came with this sweet dipping sauce that was also nutty. It was GOOD!!! Fun times were had by all, and I can’t wait to go again! Thai food=new fave! Second time I’ve tried something new and it paid off. I see another running theme…..

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