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Match and Me

Shortly after my ex and I broke up, I secretly entered the online dating world known as Match.com. Even more of a secret is that I paid for it. Yes, I paid. Even know I knew fully that one I wasn’t ready to really date anyone yet, and two, I was pregnant. I suppose 99% of the choice was to get an ego boost. Nothing makes you feel better then getting daily emails and “winks” from guys all over the country who comment on your cool profile or nice pictures.

At first I searched, and struck up some conversations with men that actually turned into texting conversations. But as those men found out (or came to reality with) the fact that I am pregnant, they dropped off and I don’t hear from them anymore. Although the panic I would feel each time one of them would text was rather terrifying… thinking they might actually want to take me out on a date or meet me in real life scared me. Like I said, I guess I just wasn’t ready. Plus I was paranoid about the ole baby belly sticking out, talk about awkward! I couldn’t imagine walking in for our first date or a coffee date or something looking 7 months pregnant… it would be SO weird, even for me, so probably MUCH more for the guy.

I did get some funny reactions emailed to me. I had one guy tell me pretty directly that I shouldn’t be on a site like this and I should wait until I have my baby to date. I actually got pretty offended by that! How dare he actually email a stranger on a dating site and tell her what to do! Thank god I’m not dating that guy anyways. Another man in Florida offered to marry me and fly me across the country to live with him! He even offered to take care of the baby too! What a deal huh?

One I got recently reads: “I was going to write, lets go get some beers and play some ghettopoly, but I guess that’s out. What do pregnant women do? Baby’s r us?” Pretty clever no? I sometimes wonder if these men are looking for the same thing I was: someone to talk to. Someone to notice them. I’m pretty positive none of them are actually interested in dating a pregnant chick, yet I get a lot of emails. Maybe I should straight up ask some of them to meet up for a date, and see their reaction then!

I have tried online dating before you know. Back in the summer before my freshman year at SDSU I signed up free for some match.com like service, and actually ended up friending a guy. We chatted through text and through AIM for about a month before we ever even met. Once we met we fell in love and were inseparable for about 9 months. He wasn’t T-H-E O-N-E, but we had a good run and we’re facebook friends to this day. So I wasn’t really nervous about signing up online again.

All in all I have yet to actually meet someone from this round. But I think it has more to do with the fact that I don’t NEED to meet someone. I’m actually very happy being single right now, and the guys I know in real life are actually a lot more receptive to me being a preggo hot girl then I had originally anticipated. I certainly don’t think I will be renewing my contract with match and I am somewhat embarrassed that I even did it to begin with. I guess when I got dumped while pregnant I just felt like a horrible disfigured monster. But the last few months have shown me otherwise, and there are some pretty amazing guys in the real world I have met and who have made me feel like the sexy woman I am again.

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