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psst!: Shut Up, Baldinger–Ines Sainz Did Not “Bring It On Herself”

psst!: Shut Up, Baldinger–Ines Sainz Did Not “Bring It On Herself”.

The opinion in this report is spot on: The Fox news analyst who claims that any woman can bring on harassment or harm from men because of the way they are dressed… takes away all personal responsibility and opens the door for rapists, child molesters, and the like to put the blame solely on the woman. It’s a terrible and astonishingly old fashioned point of view, and it’s incredibly surprising people are tolerating it. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less from FOX.

#2: Snowboard

I don’t know why I have been so scared to try snowboarding. I’ve had many opportunities over the last 10 years to try it. Some with Church, some with friends, and some with boyfriends. I suppose the main reason would be fear of the unknown. After that I would say it was an aversion from doing something that would make me look like a complete ass. And after that, probably the fear of asking someone for help for something that I was terrible at.

BUT, since I’ve started my new year with a list of NEW things to try (and some I haven’t done in awhile…. and some I just want to make sure I make time for) I suppose I chose one of the hardest on the list to start off. The snow is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING!!! Spectacular. I should have put on my list throw a snowball and make a snow angel, because those are things I have never done and always wanted to, AND did do that weekend also!

Making a snow angel was honestly more than I thought it could be! I know it sounds silly, because it is such a silly act, but it was truly….. fun and childlike. Innocent. Something I can see why little kids throw themselves in the freezing snow and do it. Something I’m sad I don’t have as a childhood memory. At least I get a very cool adult memory though! Sitting in a bar, in Tahoe, with some amazing people, watching my Chargers lose in the Playoffs, having our bartender, Chedder, give me her snow clothes during a light blizzard and running out there and making a friggin snow angel! I mean, it sounds pretty lame typing it, but I can tell you it makes me smile and feel warm inside remembering the experience.

Snowboarding was a different memory….. Equally as awesome, but definitely more painful and less, child-like fun. I knew going into it that I would be on my ass alot, but I didn’t know how actually HARD it was! Painful on my body, taxing of my strength. I only did 1 run down the snow, ONE, and I was exhausted!!! But it was so much FUN!!!! Randon helped me learn, and there was a few times where I was actually UP and snowboarding! Like for realsies! It was amazing 😀 The last time I was up was for about 10 seconds (which is actually a long time) and I had my fists in the air pumping “YES!!!!!! I’m doing it!” then I was saying “concentrate…. don’t freak out… DON’T FREAK OUT” and then I tumbled, and my board flipped over my head, and I had the coolest fall of my life, and laid there *pumped* almost as much about my fall as my ride! It was dope. I seriously can’t wait to do it again, and plan on going at least once more pretty soon.

So far my try new things is paying off…. found a sport that I like, made some new friends, and fulfilled some childhood dreams. That’s what this experience is supposed to be about. Fulfillment & growth.

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