The List

The List

Below is a list of things I plan on accomplishing each week for the year. A lot of them are things I’ve never done or tried, or haven’t done in a long time. Some are things I’ve always wanted to learn, and just never have. Well I’m 25 years old and have been through a ton in my life so far, but not enough. I’m ready to explore and begin fulfilling my life with something other than men and drama. Here’s to 2010, and starting anew. Each week I will post a new blog on accomplishing one of my tasks

1. Reconnect with an old friend

2. Snowboard

3. Golf

4. Shooting Range

5. Karaoke

6. Take a yoga class

7. Dance on a table

8. Make pottery

9. Debate in public

10. Hot air balloon

11. Skydiving

12. Eat Thai food

13. Get another tattoo

14. Learn how to knit

15. Tan/Pool Topless

16. Bungee Jump

17. Go camping

18. Seaworld!

19. Surfing

20. Water Skiing

21. Ice Skating

22. Learn to Salsa dance

23. Learn to Swing dance

24. Two step at Incahoots

25. Line Dance

26. Take a Self Defense course

27. Learn Thriller dance

28. Learn Coyote Ugly dance

29. Watch entire SAW series, at night

30. Boondock Saints 2

31. Make lasagna from scratch

32. Make ravioli from scratch

33. Make Tamales

34. Make a pie

35. Make cookies from scratch

36. Paint on a canvas

37. Cross Stitch

38. Babysit for a weekend

39. Volunteer with kids

40. Participate in a Protest

41. Play in a pickup game

42. Kiss under water

43. Play Wonderwall on a guitar

44. Finish my passport at Main Tap

45. Picnic in a park

46. Eat at a nice restaurant alone. With no book.

47. Hike Cowles Mountain to the top

48. Rescue a pet

49. Go on a mission to Mexico to help build a house with church

50. Bowl

51. Get a professional Massage

52. Vacay alone

53. Eat at Hash House a Go-Go in Hillcrest

54. Go see all the museums in Balboa Park

55. Tour the Whaley House

56. Stand in line and enjoy yogurt from The Yogurt Mill

57. Hike Torrey Pines

58. Frolf!

59. Visit Pizza Port in OB

60. Play laser tag!

61. Eat tuna at Point Loma Seafood

62. See Rocky Horror Picture Show LIVE

63. Stone Brewery Movie Night

64. Get apple pie in Julian

65. Knott’s Soak City

66. Lounge at Claire de Lune’s in North Park

67. Happy Hour at Bar Pink

68. Game nights/$3 tap beer at Toronado on Monday night

69. Kayak in the San Diego bay

70. Indoor rock climbing

71. Double feature at the Santee Drive In

72. Picnic at Petco Park for a Padre game

73. SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR/ aka Del Mar Fair

74. Urban Solace

75. Vacay in Catalina

76. Oktoberfest!

77. Play shuffleboard at The Hearth House

78. Cinema Under the Stars

79. Eat Indian Food

80. Run a marathon

81. Jump off a waterfall

82. Host a lemonade stand

83. Bet on a horse race

84. Plant a tree

85. Fly a kite

86. Take a shot of Wheat grass

87. Edit a video using imovie on my Mac

88. Move to San Francisco

89. Acupuncture

90. Get on stage during a Concert

91. Donate Blood

92. Road trip in a convertible.

93. Get married to the man of my dreams

94. Get a traditional Tap tattoo

95. Get a half sleeve

96. Get a Masters in Philosophy

97. Memorize the Constitution

98. Send a drink to a guy

99. Slow dance at a piano bar

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