The Rules

The Rules

Now I don’t like calling them rules, because it denotes I’m playing some sort of game, or suggesting the like. Truth is, 1, dating is sort of a game, and 2, I don’t use these rules to “play” men, but these are just things I do or don’t do that I’ve been successful at. I think, what advice would I give my little sister about men and dating and these are the rules I’ve come up with.

I’ve been asked in the past by some girlfriends how is it that, in their words, I have “men wrapped around my finger?”  Truth be told I never thought about it that way. I just approach men an dating in a very fearless and confident way and somehow I guess that attracts men. Not always the good ones, mind you, but it works none the less. After a very honest look at myself I did realize I may be the female version of Swarley- Swarla if you will. Only I don’t one night stand guys. Ever. I guess that could be rule #2.

I’m gonna list them for easy use as I write them. I will be adding to this post, so bookmark it for future use! Click on each rule for the blog post explaining the rule. So far we have:

#1: Never ask for a guy’s number: Give him yours, or wait for him to ask

#2: Don’t do one night stands. Yuck.

#3: Always get A’s: Never let yourself be anything but an “A”

#4: Don’t beg

#5: The best to get over someone is to get on top of someone new. True story.

#6: Own it

#7: Honesty: It really is the best policy

#8: Don’t date someone you need to change

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