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MOvember Week 4: Thanksgiving Edition

This year there are so many things to be thankful for, despite the hardships I have faced. In April I found out my Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, which the Doctors said was inoperable, incurable, and gave her a short time span to live. Earlier this month, the Doctors exclaimed my Mom was in REMISSION! Can you believe that?! What a miracle it was. She continued to do two more rounds of chemo, and in January will start a 6 week radiation program just to kick that damn cancer while it’s down. While she initially lost all her hair, it is now grown back a little, and its short and gray and she looks like a MUCH hotter Jamie Lee Curtis. So I guess that is mostly what I have to be thankful for this year. Also, I found out in July that I was pregnant with my first child, and even though the father decided to leave us in September, and I’m going through hardships with finding a place to live and dealing with being a single parent, I am thankful that God blessed me with a baby girl, which is what I’ve always wanted. I decided to name her Sophie Pearl. Sophie just because I loved the name, and Pearl after my Mom’s middle name. Each doctor’s visit, she is healthy and growing on schedule, and feeling her kick and move each day in response to my pokes, prodes, and voice is… well, it’s simply amazing. I’m very thankful that Sophie Pearl has the best grandparents in the world, along with an aunt who is gonna spoil the hell out of her, and of course all my best friends who have done everything they can for me through this difficult situation. I love you all, family and friends, and on top of ALL OF THAT, I was able to participate in MOvember, and help bring these amazing men below to you all to show you what a wonderful thing they are doing for cancer research.


Here are those amazing men, and some of what they’re thankful for this year too:

Christian N.

Oscar L.

Donate to Oscar here:


Sean B.

“I am thankful for being able to spend more time with my family this year, not needing to shovel snow in Movember, and that I am able to help make a difference for Men’s Health.”

Donate to Sean here:


Aaron C.

Donate to Aaron here:



Travis T.

“I am thankful for my meMOries with my loved ones.”


Tom S.

“This [week 4 picture] is a thinking face. The mo taketh my dignity but giveth me brains. Though actually, I look more like a juvenile Lemmy who’s lost his band.
The Mo cause is going well; donations are picking up and the mo looks like, well, a mo now. For the last push to raise donations, I’m heading to the studio on Friday for a photoshoot. A photoshoot that involves me, cowboy hats, cheque shirts and unfortunately, chaps.  Humiliation in the name of a good cause!”

Donate to Tom here:




Brian W.

“I’m thankful for many things: family, friends, my dads handing down of awesome ‘stache ability, and sweet footy skills.”


Eric C.

“This year I’m thankful that no one else close to me has been diagnosed with cancer.”


Russ S.

“Thankful here for a healthy life and a happy family (that puts up with my moustache). Hope all is well with you and your in-process little one!”

Donate to Russ here:



Mike C.

Donate to Mike here:



Dan M.

Donate to Dan here:


Nate M.

Donate to Nate here:



Justin R.

“I appreciate all of the support I’ve been getting: whether it’s with a monetary donation, or how my uncle Dan contributed and started his own MO-vember team, he’s raised almost $400 so far, or just your ability to completely terrorize me and my lack of mustache growing genes, thanks Dad for the genetics by the way.”

Donate to Justin here:

















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